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To improve the enjoyment of home-life
A 2014 flying squirrel invasion helped inspire SuprDo

Our Story

There are few things more meaningful than the joy we get from being at "home". Our home is our sanctuary. It's where we shed the outside world for peace, love, and a really comfy couch. The responsibilities that come with being a homeowner can easily take away from our joy. SuprDo means to change that.

Chipping paint, failing boilers, and flying squirrel invasions... there are a countless number of things that can go wrong and/or need attention at home. This virtual "weight on our shoulders" takes its toll. We feel it - and it can creep in and diminish other important aspects of our lives. Our happiness is tied to knowing that things are taken care of at home. This is why we’re building SuprDo - to remove that weight and to protect the joy "home" should bring us all.

Sean Duhame - Founder
Sean Duhame   Founder & Chief Do'er

Sean grew up in Saratoga Springs, NY where he learned to help his single mother care for their home at a young age. The positive impact that a stable, well kept home has on people, especially children, was never lost on Sean. This lead him to the Massachusetts College of Art and design where he enrolled as an architecture student. Sean graduated at the dawn of the initial dot com boom. The Web was a perfect fit for Sean and he has been leading software product teams for established companies and startups in Boston and San Francisco ever since.

Taking what he’s learned to design and build impactful products that add positive change to the lives of people who use them, Sean’s career has taken on new meaning: to improve the enjoyment of home-life. With SuprDo he means to optimize the time and effort needed to make home a place of comfort and peace.

Sean Duhame - Founder
Sam Albert   Head of Technology

Sam grew up in Westchester County, New York, just outside one of the worlds most modern and influential cities. With his love for building things and his curious nature, Sam, at the young age of ten, set out to fully understand what made a computer work by building one himself - from scratch. His passion for technology had been discovered which eventually lead him to attend Penn State where he earned a degree in Information Sciences & Technology.

For the last several years Sam has been developing software for a leading real estate analytics firm where he has witnessed first hand the benefits of data-driven decisions in the real estate market. He believes SuprDo, through this approach, will empower property owners to be more efficient and effective in caring for their home and is excited to see this approach improve the lives of those who use SuprDo.

We Value

People Customers & employees come first. Nothing is more important. We all get to make our own choices and we're ever-grateful for those who choose to spend their life's time either using or working on SuprDo.
Time Time is our most precious commodity. We believe it's important to optimize our time so we can spend more of it doing what we love to do and less of it doing... what we don't love to do.
Care "Care" is one of our favorite words at SuprDo and it extends into every aspect of what we do: from the people we serve to the products we build - it's not worth committing to unless "care" comes built in.
Truth Nothing is more important when seeking great outcomes in life & work than honesty. SuprDo is a business with value on both sides; a sustainable and exciting system many people can benefit from.